Employee Life Cycle

  • Attract and select me
    Making the right career choices can be tricky. Typically we engage with talent through one of the below approaches:

    Internal mobility: 

    Our intention is to make the majority of available roles accessible to our Arrotex team and to promote, second and move around from within. It is important to understand and recognise that our people have career ambitions therefore we encourage internal applications. When internal colleagues apply they can also have a confidential discussion with our People and Culture team or the direct line manager prior to applying. This approach creates visibility and encourages a transparent process.

    Internal referrals:

    We believe that we have great talent in our organisation. We have seen just how powerful our internal talents’ networks are! We encourage our people to refer through their network as they are usually a good judge of whether an individual will thrive in our environment.

    Talent Acquisition Partnership:

    PharmaPeople are an extension of our business; we have a Trusted Advisor relationship with the team. With over 25 years experience in pharmaceutical and broader organisational talent acquisition we lean on PharmaPeople for their advice, talent pools,  networks and insights into the industry. For more information on PharmaPeople please visit: www.pharmapeople.com.au

    What to expect from our talent acquisition process:

    If you are short listed for a position with Arrotex you can expect to have an initial screen prior to attending a more in-depth interview. We understand it’s a two-way selection decision so we also encourage you to ask questions.  For some roles there may be practical assessments such as a case study, role play or role specific activity.  All offers of employment will be subject to satisfactory reference checks.

  • Bring me in & get me started (Induction and onboarding):
    Your on-boarding starts before your first day. So much happens in the background to make your experience special.

    As part of your onboarding we ensure that you attend our company-wide induction program, meet your team and stakeholders as soon as possible (to connect and build relationships) and provide access to various touch points and systems so that you can navigate and learn in the role.

  • Help me grow and develop:
    Development is an essential ingredient in your (and our) success. The more we learn, the more we can expand in our roles and continue to create internal and external value. A vast majority of what we learn happens organically and through coaching on the job. It is here that we understand “how things are done around here” and how we connect the dots.

    One of the formal tools we use at Arrotex is our eLearning and micro-learning platform through Go1. This underpins and supports self-paced learning and can be contextualized to an individual, team or for organisation-wide needs.

    Further, we hold and support various conferences that are industry related and that enable learning of the broader pharmacy and pharmaceutical landscape.

    To bring it all together, we have our goal setting and performance review systems. These conversations consolidate established learning, required development and performance.

    Underpinning these processes are our values – you’ll learn more about these, and “how we play” when you start your career with us. To identify our values please click here.

  • Help me stay on track:
    Sometimes during our career we need some support and direction. This happens to everyone during the course of their careers. This feedback is a gift so we encourage you to make the most of it. To maximise the value of the experience, we have a clear process that supports each employee through these moments and is designed to redirect focus and to get back to your personal best.
  • Support me:
    Every person is different, and different benefits and tools appeal differently to everyone.

    At Arrotex we have combined the best of both. We have a combined benefits platform that covers retail specialty discounts, personal travel and other great offers.

    We also offer Employee Assistance (EAP). Sometimes balancing work and life can be challenging. Our EAP is designed to help you and your direct immediate family members. It is a confidential service and can be tailored to suit your needs.

    Other areas where we create value for our people are: Free Flu Vaccinations (inc. immediate family members), Purchasing Additional Leave Scheme (PALS), Paid Parental Leave,  Business Casual dress Mon-Thurs and Casual Fridays; Community Service Leave.

    Culture surveys: One of our focus areas from a people and culture standpoint is understanding what our organisation thinks and feels. During different times we check-in to better understand how we can add further value and support to our people – our talent.

  • Time to shine:
    Awards, incentives and recognition are important to many of us. At Arrotex we apply different approaches to recognizing the great work our talent deliver on daily basis. This is instrumental to supporting an engaged and aligned team. More details are shared as part of your onboarding discovery.
  • See you soon:
    Sometimes we also say see you soon and we wish our people all the best as they move on to expand their horizons. This is also important, because this can also lead to saying Hello Again! And then we take on the next adventure together.

    But if see you soon is more of a goodbye, we wish you the very best and thank you for contributions to Arrotex while you were here with us.

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