The Journey

Arrotex Pharmaceuticals is Australia’s largest generic pharmaceutical and private label over the counter (OTC) medicines company. Arrotex Pharmaceuticals was formed following the merger of Arrow Pharmaceuticals (Arrow) and Apotex Australia (Apotex) in July 2019 and is today the largest privately owned Australian pharmaceutical company operating in Australia.

Arrotex medicines are available in every Australian pharmacy and Arrotex manufactures over 250 of the most prescribed medicines on the PBS which account for almost 85% of all prescriptions written by Australian doctors. With such a broad range it is no surprise that an Arrotex product is dispensed for almost 30% of all prescriptions patients bring to their local pharmacy. Also, many of Australia’s most trusted over-the-counter private label medicines are supplied by Arrotex with almost 60% of every private label OTC medicine Australians choose in pharmacy being an Arrotex product.

Arrotex is committed to providing sustainable, high-quality and cost-effective access to the pharmaceuticals that pharmacies and the Australian public rely on every day. The newly expanded Arrotex company gives Australian pharmacies an even greater level of service and support from the businesses that they have chosen to partner with for the past 20 years.

Arrotex is also dedicated to creating value for Australian community pharmacies through products, programs and partnerships. We continue to expand and diversify the prescription and OTC ranges of Apotex and Arrow, providing our value offering to community pharmacy in the brands their patients know and love. Ongoing investment in our established consumer brands and OTC portfolios – Chemists’ Own and ApoHealth – also ensures community pharmacy can continue to offer these products to their patients. Arrotex supplies high quality, affordable medicines in a wide range of therapeutic categories and dosage forms and combines the products offered by Apotex and Arrow.


At Arrotex, we are dedicated to creating value for Australian community pharmacy through products, programs and partnerships:

  • We invest in products across key growth areas for pharmacy, enabling community pharmacy access to additional revenue streams 
  • We develop strategic partnerships, offering a unique approach to value creation for community pharmacy
  • We continue to expand and diversify the prescription and OTC ranges of Apotex and Arrow, continuing our value offering to community pharmacy in the brands they know and love  
  • We invest in professional programs and training, delivering value for customers through remuneration and service fees


Arrow Pharmaceuticals owns and markets a broad range of over 250 generic pharmaceutical and branded products, including a range of pharmacy only over the counter (OTC) products under the Chemists’ Own brand to pharmacies across Australia. Arrow, also has a number joint venture businesses, including Oraderm Pharmaceuticals a branded dermatological company, and myPak Solutions, a leading Australian end-to-end solution for Dose Administration Aids.


Apotex is a leading supplier of generic pharmaceuticals, OTC products and vitamins in the Australian pharmacy market with over 250 PBS listed generic pharmaceutical products and a range of pharmacy only OTC products under the ApoHealth brand and practitioner vitamins under the Amplio brand. Apotex is also the largest provider of Nurse led clinics in community pharmacy in Australia.